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Placenta Encapsulation Manifesto

Is Placenta Encapsulation Safe? What are the standards and protocols utilized by Metro Birth Placenta Encapsulation Specialists in Arizona?

It is now widely recognized that choosing to consume one’s placenta can yield many positive benefits. Let a qualified specialist take care of the details, while you enjoy your newborn. Placenta Encapsulation Specialists serve a role complementary to the medical care and treatment birthing parents receive. Qualified specialists work directly for the families who solicit their placenta processing services, and are trained and experienced in proper placenta handling, Biologix or OSHA certified in blood borne pathogens, and carry a current food handlers card.

It is my hope that our clients, and other parents choosing placenta encapsulation, can feel confident in the service they are investing in. I deem it essential for providers, medical personnel, and parents to have good understanding of the service being rendered, and for that reason, I created a peer reviewed Placenta Encapsulation Manifesto.

For Parents:

The Placenta Encapsulation Manifesto is a communication tool to utilize with your postpartum encapsulation specialists to review their practices and protocols for encapsulation. It can also be brought to your provider or birthing facility to help create confidence in your decision to consume your placenta in a safe manner. 

Please note: the practices and protocols reflect only those of Metropolitan Birth Support, and not those of another specialist. The practices and protocols referenced do not provide adequate training for, or knowledge of the encapsulation process, and should not be used for self-direction.

For Professionals:

The Placenta Encapsulation Manifesto is a non-confrontational way to promote confidence in what you offer as a professional. This position paper can be used for client or provider assurance in your practices and protocols, and should be edited to reflect your personal business and practices. Only print distribution is approved with download.